about erin

Erin is so passionate about her Barre Hour workout and is so excited to share it with you! She fell in love with Barre working for another company before starting to venture out on her own. The athleticism, growth, mindfulness, and mind-body connection is what has drawn her to this workout and she knows it is what many women are looking for in an effective workout. Erin is a classically trained ballerina, with many years of professional dance in her repertoire. She danced for the Los Angeles Lakers from 2008-2011 cheering them on to two back-to-back Championships. During the same year of Barre Hour's commencement, she also helped to incorporate a non-profit organization, She-Is, teaching healing dance therapy to survivors of sexual abuse and human trafficking. Her non-profit and Barre Hour are her livelihood and what she is most passionate about.

what is the barre HOUR workout? 

The Barre Hour workout is an hour long, instructed workout. We are for the busy moms or women who are looking for the most effective workout in an hour's time. Barre Hour works every muscle group from head to toe, including triceps, shoulders, biceps, stretching, thigh work, seat work, and finishing with pilates inspired abdominal work. If consistent with the workout, you will see results before you know it. We transform those who don't like to workout into loving to workout, and those who love to workout into becoming addicted to the Barre Hour workout. Barre Hour is for those who truly want a challenge, want to see results, and who are looking for an overall, positive lifestyle change.